20 Fun Things You Should Definitely Try This Winter

Are you trying to plan your winter holidays? With December just 2 weeks away, you probably have a lot of time to spare.

You can spend time with yourself or do fun things this winter with your loved ones.


Self Care:

It can be very difficult to find out time for yourself. Moreover, most of us are really busy year round.

Winter finally allows us to enjoy our life and take a break. So, these are the things that you can do in the winter to take show yourself some care:


1. Start a scrapbook or a photo album:

fun things to do this winter

This is the time that you can collect things about your family. Make a scrapbook that you can keep close to yourself year around.

It might be difficult to find time out for such things but they are very important and can be a lot fun as well.

So, this winter search for some old pictures, memos and pieces of history that you can always hold close to you.


2. Read a book:

We don’t normally find time to read. Mostly if you are already working or if you have a family, it is almost impossible to find out time.

Find a good book and dive into the magical world of words this winter. You can also use this link if you want a book to gain perspective.


3.Light some candles:



Candles help you relax. Get some scented candles and get cozy in your own house.

Cook something warm and enjoy your winter at peace.

Furthermore, you can get some nice wine and enjoy a hot bath while you read something nice.


4. Enjoy a movie marathon:

Unlike people who go out to have fun, some of us enjoy the solace of being alone.

If you’re someone like that you should totally use your time in watching some movies that you’ve planned to all year long.

Not only movie but binge watching series can also be fun to do this winter.

Find the perfect series for you in this list: 11 Best Shows To Watch For The Holidays.


5. Give your old hobbies a shot:

A Lot of us might not have had enough time to do the things that we loved.

In this fast moving world, it is very difficult to find time out to do things that we find fun.

But this winter give yourself some time. If you love singing, or dancing, writing or designing, this might be the perfect time to start it again.

Not only can these things be fun but also might make you happy and satisfied.


6. Learn to Knit a Scarf or Hat:

One of the best thing to do in the winter is to learn to knit. Learning something new can be fun and interesting.

If you already know how to do it, just get yourself some knitting yarn, play some music and get onto it.

And if you don’t, play some YouTube video and learn to do it on your own.


Cooking and Baking in the winter:


7. Bake Cookies and Pies:


What better time to cook yourself cookies than during winter.

It won’t really matter how it looks, just use some choco chips and enjoy it while you sip hot chocolates.

Likewise, try giving a shot to making pies and jams.


8. Give Homemade Hot Chocolate a try:


I recently stumbled upon a video which teaches how to make delicious hot chocolates at your house.

Winter is undoubtedly the best time to drink hot chocolate.

It makes you warm, it’s perfect to make you feel happy from the inside and most importantly, it’s delicious. Try this video to learn how to make hot chocolate.


9. Take a Cooking Class:

It can be so much fun to teach yourself cook. Whether you use YouTube as your teacher or join a cooking academy, this will be a great learning opportunity.

This is best if you love cooking but cannot find time year round to learn how to improve your cooking skills.

So, catch a break and learn how to cook this winter for fun.

Read these food that you can try to cook easily.


10. Make Homemade Apple Cider:

Winter mulled apple cider

If you wanna try out something fun and interesting this winter, why don’t you give making apple cider vinegar a shot?

You probably already know the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar and all the other things you can do with it.

It can be fun and interesting to explore it on your own.


Travelling and Outdoor Activities for the winter:


11. Soak in a Natural Hot Springs:

Find some place you can dip yourself in the natural hot springs. Either with family or friends, this can be so much fun to do in the winter.

Natural hot springs are believed to be a great place to heal certain diseases including some skin conditions. So, why don’t you give this option a shot?


12. Catch up with family and friends:

I shouldn’t have to tell you to find some time out for them. But I understand.

We get so busy these days that its very difficult to find some time out for the people that we really care about.

Since, it is also a festival season, plan a get together or go out somewhere on a vacation with your loved ones.


13. Build a bonfire or plan a barbecue:


Winter is lowkey the best time to plan a bonfire or a barbecue.

Plan a get together, invite some people over and buy some drinks.

Get some meat and sweet potato. I assure you are not gonna regret hosting this party.

Fun things to do in winter


14. Travel somewhere warm with a beach:

If you’re someone who finds winter just overrated or too cold, you can always travel to a warmer place.

In Fact there are a lot of interesting and fun places that you can travel during winter that are not cold. You can choose any place from this list: Places to travel in asia during winter.


15. Go stargazing:

It is a wonderful time to stargaze during the winter.

Mostly because the sky is much darker during the winter which makes the stars more visible during that time.

There are several parks that have spectacular view of the sky and some also provide the necessary equipment.


16. Do a Family Winter Photo Shoot:

When you invite your family over for dinner, this this winter, do some kind of a family photo-shoot.

This will always be a nice memory and you will have something to hold as a memory as well.


17. Have a Game night:

When I say a game night it can mean a dozen different things.

If you want to spend time with your family it came be word games, Jenga or playing cards. You can choose the best one.

However, there are also digital games that you can choose from if you wanna plan it with your friends.

You can plan these nights in the same way, get some chips and pizza.


18. Theatre See a Play:

I automatically remember La La Land when I think of a play.

However, if you’re one of the people who loves art and theatre, this could be a fun way for you to spend your winter.

Find a play that you think you’ll enjoy and go.


19. Go Bowling:

If you wanna go somewhere out and have fun in the winter, you can always opt for bowling.

The game can warm you up. This also is one way to come together with your friends and enjoy the time you are together.

Don’t get too competitive and just enjoy the time you get to spend together.


20. Go sledding or ice skating:

fun things to do in the winter

Lastly, if you live around some place that snows, you can always go out for snow sledging.

Furthermore, you can also go out ice skating. If you love going out in the winter, get yourself a ticket and enjoy.

As much as this is fun, this can also freshen your mind and improve your mood