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15 Ways You Can Increase And Improve Your Memory

15 Ways You Can Increase And Improve Your Memory
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There are many ways you increase your memory power. And these come in handy when wanting to remember things you need to get done, like a grocery list or the ingredients for a recipe. And it can also help you become a better parent or partner.

So here are some techniques that will help you remember different types of information

– Try forming mental images for what you want to remember. This works best if it’s a picture with people in it, but any picture is better than none at all!

– Use rhymes or puns by replacing letters with similar-sounding ones and changing word endings. (A meeting at 9 am can be early bird catches the early meeting)

– Mimic the association between colors and words with a color-coded index card. (Good Morning becomes yellow as it represents the sun, for example.)

And here are some ways you can remember information for longer:

– Use mnemonics

15 Ways You Can Increase And Improve Your Memory
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This is the use of a word or phrase to help you remember something that isn’t immediately obvious. For example, “the bride wore white (TBWW)”, “the Bakery was in Westvillage” can be used to help you remember the location of a certain place. This is more helpful in remembering events that happen regularly than trying to recall dates and other types of happenings that will likely require more immediate recall in the future.

– Check your facts

This is when you read about something, make notes and then review them. It can be a little better to do this before you actually try to remember things because some people are just not good at taking notes, while others are very good at it.

– Use imagery to help your memory

Imagine how the information will be used or what it means. This works best for things that you want to remember for more than just a few minutes, like where a store is and what you should buy there. For example, say I’m looking for my watch in the store but don’t know its model number; I can imagine that my watch has really cool, and really visualize the number that was on it.

– Use other people’s memories

Ask someone else what they remember about certain materials or events. Ask them to write down the information they would need to know, even if it’s just a few lines, so you can accurately remember the details as well.

– Use immediate recall

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This is where you go straight to your memory and you recall it quickly. For example, I use my watch alarm for this strategy. I can wake up in the morning and just think “I need to get up and get ready for work.” (You can also use your watch alarm as a reminder that something needs to be done at a certain time. 

Natural Ways to Improve your Memory

You can also increase your memory through natural ways. These ways are easy to follow and anyone can do them to increase their memory. 

-Stress less

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Stress is proven to shrink the hippocampus, which is needed for memory. And again having good mental health is important for memory retention.

-Activate your brain chemistry by sleeping more

Sleeping helps you retain memory for a longer period of time. Without optimum rest, your brain is less capable to retain long-term memory. Hence take a nap and get enough sleep to improve your memory.

-Eat a healthy diet with Omega-3s

Fish and fish oil are high in Omega 3. Certain studies have found that having fish oil can help in retaining memory and improving memory power. And it is especially true for older people. Along with improving memory fish oil also has many other health benefits.

-Exercise your body with strength training or any other type of exercise

To increase memory, you have to be physically well. And to be fit you need to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Maintaining a healthy weight and physical health is also good for your mental wellbeing. And having good mental well-being is important for memory retention.

-Meditate and practice a calm, relaxed way of life

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And if you are stressed, try meditating. Meditation will help you calm down. And you will notice that you have a better overall memory when you are calm as opposed to stress. So meditate as much as possible to maintain and improve your memory.

So, Start growing your memory today.

As you can see, a lot of methods can increase your memory. However, the best method is to do things that stimulate the brain. To remember more and stay longer in your memory, one must perform activities that are exciting and fun yet challenge your brain. Even though these activities increase my memory.

Boosting your memory is something that will take a lot of different techniques and strategies. Take advantage of all these ways to increase or improve your memory.

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