12 Things Every Asian Parent Do

As much as we don’t like to talk about it, there definitely is an Asian parents stereotype that is actually is 100% true. Here are 12 things every Asian parent do.

If you’re an Asian kid, you know how much of a struggle it is to survive in an Asian household.

Every day feels like a constant battle in trying to please your parents. From good grades to good culture, everything is a must.

Trust me, it can be tiring many-a-times. But knowing that it’s for our own good is what makes it tolerable.

There are so many things that Asian parents do best. For example, they’re amazing at nagging constantly and getting all up on your business.

As people who gave birth to you, they feel that it’s their right to know every little detail of your life.

And somehow between all this, Asian kids learned to live.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there.

You have your daily dose of comparison, constant reminder that you’re too fat or skinny, that you’re running out of time to find a good husband or wife, etc.

There are also other aspects of being an Asian like the embarrassment your parents make you feel everywhere. Whether it’s bargaining, starting out conversations randomly anywhere with anyone, and the most prized one of them all, making you dance or sing in front of your relatives.

Also, turning 18 means absolutely nothing in Asia because you’re never independent, unlike the westerners.

As much as we don’t like to talk about it, there definitely is an Asian parents stereotype that is actually is 100% true.

Here are 12 things every Asian parent do.

Serve Rice for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.


If you’re not an Asian, you’ll never understand the love Asian people have for rice.

For westerners, rice might be a one-time meal, especially dinner. But Asian parents make sure their children is eating rice for all three meals of the day.

But wait, that’s not it, they also use rice (sticky rice) to glue things together and that is what you call a genius my friend.

Compare Their Kids.

You’re not an Asian kid if your parents have never compared you to other people.

Be it your neighbors’ kids, that one good cousin, or even siblings.

And they tend to compare their kids on everything, from academics to the job position, salary, intelligence, and even spouses.

The worst thing is that we can’t even do anything about it. The only thing Asian kids could do was sit there and listen, no talking back.

Because if you talked back and became disrespectful, you’d never know the direction from where you got struck.

Never Throw Out Plastic Bags.

12 Things Every Asian Parent Do

We all know global warming as a real and alarming phenomenon but to tell you the truth, Asian people have a very little part on it.

Because if you visit any Asian household, you can find a huge bag that is filled with used plastic bags.

Honestly, no one knows recycling plastics better than Asian moms.

They don’t hesitate to keep the gift wraps for “future use”.


Bargaining is encrypted on Asian’s DNA and Asian parents do it the best.

From vegetable markets to clothing stores and even stores with a clear sign that says “No Bargaining,” they wouldn’t stop.

Asian parents won’t hesitate to ask a $100 stuff for $10, that too with no remorse on their faces whatsoever.

Use Plastic/Glass Bottles to Store Everything.

If you’re not an Asian and have a friend who is and you’re visiting them for the first time, you’re going to have a lot of confusions.

Especially when you visit the kitchen because you’ll never find plastic/glass bottles stored with what they actually come with.

Asian households have bottles filled with pickles, lentils, and everything else you could imagine but not what you see on the picture.

Cover Everything with Cloths.

Dust is probably the Asian parent’s worst enemy. Because they won’t let their kids leave their house without a mask.

And there is absolutely no Asian household where things aren’t covered with floral cloths.

From TVs, fridges, and washing machines, to tables and chairs, everything is covered with cloths.

And the remotes would always have plastic wrapped around them.

Arrange Marriages.

12 Things Every Asian Parent Do

Asian parents warn their kids not to talk to strangers. They literally threaten and punish their children for dating someone.

But when it comes to marriage, they don’t hesitate to give their children away to absolute strangers.

Love marriage is somewhat a sin for Asian parents.

Their argument; everyone in the family had arranged marriages, look how happy we are.

Make Weird Drinks to Cure All Illness.

Doctors and medicines are highly overrated for Asian parents.

Why do you need medicines when this weird drink I’ve made works just fine?

You’re never told about the ingredients used in the drink but you have to finish it in one sitting.

And somehow you grow up, become a parent, and do the same with your kids.

Another great medicine to cure even cancer, the mighty balm.

Comment/Judge on Everything.

12 Things Every Asian Parent Do

There are absolutely no arguments that you as an Asian kid would win against your parents.

They’re very good with judgments, especially when it comes to your slightly rebellious looking friend. You know the ones with piercings, tattoos, and bleached hair.

They also have no issues commenting or complaining over everything. Be it your eating habit, you’re going out and coming home schedule, your choices of clothing and your friend circle.

Take You Shopping only during festivals.

Normally, festivals are fun because you get to meet your relatives, eat tons of food, and have less stress about schools and work.

But for Asian kids, festivals are fun because it’s the only time of the year when your parents take you shopping.

And if you think they should be happy about all the presents and money they’ll get during the festivals, you don’t know the struggle at all.

For Asian parents, it’s a must that you take away all your kids’ money and gifts and “save” it for the future.

The truth is, you’ll never be seeing that money anymore.

Child Labor.

Asian moms are born with the ability to whine about how no one helps her with chores.

But the truth is something else.

We’ve seen and heard kids in western countries getting paid for the chores they do around the house.

But for Asian kids, it’s your duty to become child labor at your own house. And the worst part, you don’t even get paid.

Beat you up.

12 Things Every Asian Parent Do

From slightly raising your voice to getting bad grades, there are no limits as to when and how Asian parents feel the need to beat their kids up.

Sticks, remotes, slippers, brooms, hands, and legs, anything can be used as a weapon in striking your child.

Sometimes, they don’t even need a reason to strike their child.

Seriously, Asian parents can beat their kid up for speaking up and not speaking up at the same time.

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