12 Hollywood Movies a Business Student Must Watch

Hollywood has given us some of the most awesome and magnificent stories. From the movie Titanic to Avengers, Hollywood has never failed to impress us.

Yet, with the change in time and concepts, Hollywood has been producing wonderful movies related to business and its struggles lately.

From scrappy underdogs trying to succeed against powerful to established competitors, there are dozens of classic movies.

With that, there are numerous important lessons that any budding entrepreneur  can learn from these great Hollywood movies.

In this article, we bring you some of the best Hollywood movies to watch if you are a business student:


Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is the most inspirational movie starring one of the biggest actors of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio.

This movies is based on a true story of Jordan Belfort who becomes for nothing to something really big.

Wolf of Wall Street discusses the nature of Wall Street brokers. Also it shows how Jordan Belfort utilized his talent to play his game in the market.

In summary, the movie depicts how business cultures are created in fast paced companies. It is a must watch movie for business students.


Money Ball

Money Ball is a movie based on the real story of Oakland A and Billy.

The story revolves around how Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successfully attempts to assemble a baseball team

It is about how Billy Beane leans the budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players.

This movie is for business students who dreams of taking on the system with an intention to improve it.

Money Ball is also about how to work and manage a team in an organization and apply strategies for it.


Pirates of Silicon Valley

A must watch movie for any business person or a business student.

This movie revolves around days of Apple and Microsoft, and the fluctuating love-hate relationship between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

The movie shows how these people worked day and night to create something that is unique and one of their own.

To sum up, Pirates of Silicon Valley explores the impact of the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on the creation of their personal computers.

The movie is a must watch for a business student because gives lots of useful points for becoming a successful entrepreneur.



Startup is another fantastic movie about two best friends Kaleil and Tom and their trails in doing business.

These two guys happen to be friends since their high school and one day come up with an idea of creating a website.

Kaleil is the one who raised money and Tom is the one to become the technical chief.

Startup shows their business trails and friendship which caused lots of disputes among them.

It is a great movie to watch to learn about tactics of doing business and how to handle friendship at the same time.


Margin Call

Margin Call is an American drama film which revolves around the story of a group of employees who response and take actions for financial crisis of the year 2008.

This movie is based on a financial company that was downsizing and nobody had an idea about it.

Margin Call is a recall to those days in the summer of 2008 crisis and the situation back then.

Finally, someone attempts to complete the analysis and find out the true reason behind their financial downfall.


Forest Gump

A marvelous story with phenomenal acting of one of the renowned actors of Hollywood Tom Hanks, Forest Gump is a gift to Hollywood history.

Forest Gump is an American romantic comedy-drama film based on the 1986 novel “Forest Gump”.

This movie revolves around a story about a simple man having a low level of I.Q. in his childhood and is disliked by everyone yet turns out to be one of the most talented man.

The movie is the depiction of the long life of Forest Gump who was a witness to several historical events in the 20th Century in the U.S.

Forest Gump really is a source of inspiration for people who give out their best in whatever they do.

At last, this movie also proves that no one needs to be a super genius to make something work. All you need to do is, try.


Wall Street

Many of you might get confused with Wolf of Wall Street and Wall Street. The story of both the movies are somehow similar yet different.

This movie revolves around a man named Bud Fox, and ambitious stockbroker, doing whatever it takes to be in the top.

In this story, Bud Fox takes risky and illegal insider trading tactics to get on the top.

This movies teaches about what happens when you shed all traces of morality in the pursuit of money and power.

It is a perfect reminder of what happens when you give up your principals for money and greed.

Wall Street is a must watch Hollywood movie for business students to know what they are doing and never leave the ground.


The Aviator

Another remarkable movie with amazing storyline which can go on and on if we start picking up the good things in the movie.

The movie is based on the non-fiction book of 1993 Howard Hughes and is reflection of him.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the character of Howard Hughes was an aviation pioneer and the director of Hell’s Angels.

The story portrays his life from the late 1920s to mid-40s, during which, he becomes a successful film producer and an aviation magnet.

During his ups and downs, he suffers from obsessive- compulsive disorder but manages to hold his own against rivals.

The story shows how Howard Hughes climbed the stairs of success, faced many obstacles yet never gave up on what he wanted to become.


Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness if an American biographical drama film, casting another talented actor of Hollywood Will Smith.

An inspirational movie based on the true story of Chris Gardener, who rose from desperate poverty and homelessness.

Will Smith is featured in this movies as a salesman who holds a great trust in a product that he is unable to sell.

He invests a lot of money in a device named “bone density scanner” and later ends up losing his house, wife and his money.

This extraordinary movie is an emotional roller coaster with a happy ending where the homeless salesman turns into becoming a Wall Street legend.

This movie teaches you to never give up on a dream regardless of what obstacles may come your way and is a must watch movie.


The Social Network

The Social Network is quite a new movie based on a real story of the world’s youngest billionaire, creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

The movie revolves around the struggle and the reason behind the invention of the world’s most popular social site.

The Social Network teaches important lessons about the need to be strong yet flexible enough to achieve your goals.

If you are a business student curious to know all about the story of Facebook and how it started you must watch The Social Network.


The Founder

Another spectacular movie of Hollywood, The Founder is a must watch movie.

The Founder is an inspirational story of the man who created one of the renowned fast-food eatery i.e. McDonald’s, Ray Kroc.

The story revolves around Ray Kroc who happens to be a businessman owning a burger operation in southern California.

The Founder is all about how Ray Kroc turned McDonald’s into the biggest restaurant business in the world, with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness.

This is excellent movie to learn everything about business and the real world.



Another emotional roller coaster story and a gift to Hollywood Burnt is a film of one of the most gifted actor Bradley Cooper.

Bradley plays a role of a simple man named Adam Jones who is a chef who destroys his career with drugs.

Later, he clean things up to become a better person and come back to his real self. He becomes stronger and determined to redeem himself back.

Brunt shows how people struggle in their lives and come back becoming more stronger. This is an inspirational movie must to be watched.