12 Best Workouts to Define Your Core and Abs

Sometimes doing just cardio or yoga might not give you the perfect definition of your abs.

There are various exercises which will immediately increase your chances of getting strong core.

These are the best abs workouts you can use to see immediate results.


1. Best Upward facing abs workouts:


There is no one who will not suggest you this particular workout when you are trying to strengthen your core.

There are many ways you can crunch. You can adjust according to your requirement and ability.

The simple crunches are one of the best abs workout. However, make sure that when you are doing the exercise, you are breathing right.

Many people don’t care about their posture and breathing when they workout.

But it’s essential if you want to see some progress.


Bicycle Crunches:

This is one of the form of crunches that targets the side of your stomach.

If you have a little bit of fat in your hips or a bit of muffin top, this is one of the best workouts for your abs.

Try to engage your tummy throughout the workout. Make sure that you are breathing properly during the exercise.

When it comes to breathing, breathe in during the easier parts (when your leg is away) and exhale when it’s the difficult one (as you bring in your leg).



abs Workouts

This is another best workout for the abs. Bridges help you suck in your tummy.

The best part about this workout is that it not only engages core, but also your hamstrings, obliques, hips and thighs.

Try to engage your core as much as possible as you thrust your hips upwards.


Squats as ab workouts:

This one might weird in this list. However, you should understand that squats are not only to grow your lower body.

If you engage your core while you are doing those squats, you will not only gain muscles on your lower body but also strengthen your core.


Drop Down Scissors:

abs Workouts

Okay, this exercise isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. But it definitely is very effective.

This workout will target your lower abs. Engage your core and maintain a proper breathing pattern.

Try to do it slow. It will make sure that it is balanced and will have a better impact.


Reverse Crunches:

This is one of the forms of crunches that targets the lower abdomen.

Make sure that your body is stable and balanced. If you need some kind of back support, you can also place your hands below your back.

It will provide great comfort. You can also use twisting patterns in this ab workout target your obliques.


2. Best downward facing abs workouts:

Twisting pistons or bunny hops:

This is a fairly difficult ab workout. But this is one of the best workouts to actually carve your abs properly.

If done properly, this will help you get rid of all your side belly fat.

Try to pair it with other full core workouts. This will make it more effective.

Make sure you remember to tuck in your belly while doing the exercise.


Push Ups as abs workouts:

Push Ups might be difficult for some of you, but this is one of the best abs workouts.

There are many forms of push ups that you can do. If you are a beginner, you can do one with knees best.

Conversely, if you are advanced, you can do diamond, clap or staggered push ups.

However, for the best results and lesser injury stick with normal push ups.


Mountain Climbers:

abs Workouts

Another workout for your abs are the mountain climbers.

If you wanna burn those stubborn oblique fats, you can also decide to do a crosses mountain climber.

In this exercise, you will bring inwards your opposite leg towards your hands while you do the climb.

This workout can be extremely tiring for the beginners, but it gets better as you go. It is definitely worth it.


Up and down planks:

Another best workouts for your overall upper body is up and down planks.

This is one version of planks that will help you engage your core at the maximum but with this you can also engage your shoulders.

If you want to build your upper body strength along with your abs, this is the best workout.


Hips Dips:

This workout especially targets the obliques.

Try to go as low as possible on each side while engaging your abs.

Try doing it slow but make sure your body is steady. Don’t have your hips too high but also not too low.


Side planks:

This will be the best workout to burn your side belly fats. End your workout with this one.

Try to tuck in your abs on both the sides. Hold yourself in the slide plank position for as long as you can.

All the obliques part that you might have missed during the crunches, will be worked out during this one.

This workout will also help slightly in building the upper body strength.

You don’t need any kind of equipment for these exercises.

You can do these at the comfort of your home.

However, make sure that in each of these exercises you are breathing right.

Most importantly make sure that you are engaging your core throughout the workouts because if you don’t the progress will be very slow.

Try pairing the upward facing and downward facing workouts to get the best results.

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