Lift spirits of loved ones in 10 different ways

Spending time together can help lift spirits of loved ones
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Life is not something stable or constant. It keeps changing according to time, situation, and scenario. We enjoy the highs but feel bogged down in situations of low. So, in a certain phase, we seek motivation and good spirits from our loved ones. Even, few random acts or kind words from strangers at times makes us feel good. Have you ever thought about ways of lifting spirits of loved ones?

When we are having a gloomy day, we just want someone to be there. Therefore, we can say that our loved ones need attention and care from us as well when they are hitting low.

Causes and situation responsible for good or bad spirits

People have their worries and circumstances. Due to this COVID-19 crisis too, the people are frightened. Also, it has been difficult for everybody to stay inside their homes for so long, maybe due to economic conditions or mental conditions.

Most of us are so used to spending more time in our workplace, school, or college. And when we used to be free, travel, gathering, parties, night outs were a must. Staying home for extended periods of time is not exciting and taking precautions even when we are out is (yes) mandatory but equally boring.

At some point of our lives, we had dreamt of getting a long holiday but never imagined, it would be like this. Nobody ever imagined this. During the ongoing pandemic, the death of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, political instability, and raising social problems have made us anxious. We are forced inside, roaming from room to room or to kitchen, back and forth, and wondering what we should do next.


Motivations lift spirits. This COVID crisis has shown us that we can be there for someone to make them feel good regardless of being together or far. The current situation is a different type of nightmare, but we can still work on our to-do list we thought of making someday. Interestingly, time is precious and it may be an opportunity for us to be working on that. Things you never tried before together with your family, friends or even strangers you meet through the internet.

So, here are some ideas that will help you boost the spirits of people around you and even strangers.

  1. Encourage simple and healthy lifestyle to your loved ones

 You can encourage people around you to follow a simple and healthy lifestyle. It can be exercises, healthy cooking, or anything simple. You can do healthy activities together with the people you are stuck with. In this age of communication, you can even connect with people far from you through the internet.

A healthy lifestyle includes sound mental health too. You need to be fit physically and mentally to ensure your overall health and well-being. For that, you need to do the stuff that makes you smile.

  1. Be all ears to lift spirits of loved ones

It may sound bitter, but it’s the truth that people have been thinking too much and they need someone to talk to. So, be it your friends or family members, stay close to them, and listen to what’s going on.

They may be willing to share their stories and struggles. You can share yours too. We all know, sharing is caring. You can also share your stories on the internet and can read that of strangers’ too. Thus, be all ears as you have nothing better to do. And it might be the best thing we do for your loved ones or even strangers at times.

  1. Play games together also help in lifting spirits of loved ones

Since it is not safe to go outside, it is better to enjoy playing indoor games. These days, games like Ludo, Chess, Carrom board, etc. are trending. Even the online version of these helps you to engage and cope with time.

This will also help loved ones to come closer as you spend time together. Also on the internet, you get a chance to play with your friends and even strangers. You just need to try different things sometimes to make yourself and others happy.

  1. Watch movies together helps lifts spirits

Most of us have more free time compared to the last year. So it’s good to watch family movies together at home. Just think, movies and popcorn, a home theatre. You can arrange some lighting as well. Don’t you think this sounds good?

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Sometimes, we need to observe too to relax. The best way to do it is by watching series, movies, docu- or mockumentries. If you see the stats, a huge number of increments are seen in the subscription of online video apps. You can try it too. We got a new saying too, Netflix and chill!

  1. Ask others if they’re doing well often:

Most of us do not share everything we are going through even with our loved ones. I think it’s good to have someone who checks up on you often and asks if everything is fine. Hence, ask what’s going on often to our loved ones, so that they will be assured that someone always has their back.

A lot of people enjoy claiming themselves to be “introverts”. This is not a matter of fun or anything stupid. Either it is happy or sad moments, one needs to share, be it intro- or extroverts. Sharing lows make you comfortable, by decreasing the pain and sharing highs increases your happiness.

  1. Try new things together to help lifting spirits of loved ones

New things are fun and even adventurous sometimes. Find a company and try it. Like, trying new dishes or new decorations together. You can also share your blogs on your social media with your family, loved ones, and also inspire others to try these sorts of things too.

Reason of downward spirit.
Reason of downward spirit, Pic. weiss
  1. Virtual get together also boosts spirits of loved ones in faraway places

We can get together on virtual social platforms and organize get-together among relatives and friends. This will bring back all the memories. You can create groups on Facebook or any other media and catch up with people. People can still go on virtual dates and enjoy themselves.

  1. Planning surprises and gifts for loved ones:

We can always make people around us happy by throwing them happy surprises on their birthday or special occasions. We can also give them cool presents. Maybe some DIY using home stuff. You can try experiments with them too.

  1. Posting inspiring videos on social media:

We can post motivational videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. so that many even strangers are moved by our work. We can learn from others too. This also helps to uplift our personal spirits, and later we can help others.

  1. Joining virtual clubs for boosting spirits of loved ones

We can encourage interested people to engage in various clubs of their interest so that they can share their views, news, ideas, and innovations via different virtual meetings and webinars. We can also meet new people and make new connections.

You are about to lift spirits of your loved ones and you

The above ways may seem like they are useful only in quarantine period like now, but one can always benefit from these ways. We have now realized that spending time with loved ones is more important and we have been neglecting this whole time. Though the situation is not normal yet we can stay cool, share things, and still be happy.

We can try these things not only in quarantine but wherever we are free, whenever we want to spend time with our loved ones. It does not matter how far we are from them or with someone we have never met before. The condition is not good yet. Thus, make sure that you are taking the precautions properly and so are your loved ones.

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