10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

Getting a dog is one of the most fun things in the world. Dogs aren’t just a pet, they are a part of family who require a lot of care, time and effort.

They need to be taken out for walks so they can use the bathroom, they require a little bit of more attentions and lots of physical activities.

Dogs are the perfect running partners. They are always ready to go, keep pace and never complain about being tired.

Although it may sound very stirring for energetic and enthusiastic people. But, what for those who are loves dog but are too lazy enough to take care of them?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for people who want dogs but don’t really have the time to dedicate for their care.

There are breeds of dogs who require pretty less attention and are less active. These types of dogs will love to hang out inside with you and cuddle on the couch or the bed.

These dog breeds are will-suited to being left home alone while others are likely to get into mischief as a way of telling you they are bored.

They are certainly low-key and require a very low-maintenance than a more active dog breeds.

In this article, we bring you some of the dog breeds that will suit you if you belong to the category of less active people:


English Bulldogs

10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

English bulldogs are the breeds who are not only super sweet and cute, but they are also very low-endurance and low-maintenance.

Stubborn yet sensitive, the bulldogs are equal parts majestic and comedic. More of a snorer than a barker, these dog breeds are stoic with children and strangers.

These breeds cannot be able to spend a lot of time outdoors if it’s very hot or very cold.

They are the dog who prefer staying indoor and laying on the bed cuddling with people.

English bulldogs do not require lots of exercise and are very predictable dogs.


Bernese Mountain Dogs

10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

Berners are the majestic big dogs of 75 pounds and up of the Swiss Alps who are really chill and quite lazy dogs.

Although they are alert watchdogs, they are also calm and gentle, and they love to snuggle.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are the breeds who are usually active in cooler weather and are lazy at hot summer.

Though they are massive dogs, Berners are great with children and bustling families, and they will always keep you occupied.


Basset Hound

10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

Basset Hound are dog breeds with short, stocky little legs and bulky bodies weighting around 35 to 36 pounds.

These dogs aren’t about to run any marathons with you anytime soon because they are too lazy.

Although they were bred as hunters, these dogs are typically very calm, easygoing dogs who don’t require a ton of activity.

They are highly food-motivated and need to walk each day, but not as much as the active dog breeds.


Tibetan Spaniel

10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

Tibetan spaniel are actually pretty active dogs who love to play and run around the houses.

These dogs do not require tons of exercise and you don’t have to chase them around the streets.

However, they will run around indoor and certainly keep you entertained without you getting up.

Tibetan spaniel love to play around with their own toys and snuggle with their owners. They also love to climb and perch in a windowsill like a cat.



10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

Bright and playful, Maltese will always relax and entertain you. These breeds are easy to train but difficult to housebreak.

These sensitive little fluffier may prefer a litter box or other indoor potty solution,

But rather than that, they are very obedient and require very less care compared to the active dog breeds.


Chow Chow

10 Types of Dog Breeds For Less Active People

Chow Chow is a lazy yet very cute and small dog who doesn’t really like to cuddle.

If you’re looking for a dog to snuggle and cuddle with you on bed, this isn’t the breed for you.

But, Chow Chow dogs are really adorable that you couldn’t stop falling in love with them every time you see them.

These does are very quite, slow dogs who don’t require a lot of physical activity and can be very independent.

They do not require your constant attention and are perfect breed of dogs if you are a lazy person.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are the dogs who are very stubborn yet very cute little lapdogs who love to be with their owners.

They are known for being lazy and just to relax rather than being very playful. So, they require very less attention.

You can just do your own work or lay down in bed without putting any effort to these dogs.

They are usually very independent dogs and can also entertain you by snuggling you in the bed if you feel bored.


Clumber Spaniel

Adorable and cute Clumber Spaniel are the dog breeds who are very affectionate with their owners.

They are actually pretty happy being outdoors and playing sometimes and being indoors and relaxing the other times.

So, while they do appreciate some exercise, they are also perfectly fine with being on the couch with you.


Great Dane

The original ‘gentle giant’ of the dog world, the Dane are a large, elegant, mastiff type of dog breeds.

But don’t be fooled by their huge size because they are very sweet and low-key dogs whom you would love to have.

These dogs definitely need room to move around because of their size and require daily walk.

But otherwise they are very calm and will stay with you in the bed for whole day entertaining you if you are too lazy.


Saint Bernard

The Saint, like the Newfie, are the dogs who love their outdoor times, though they are furry lump inside the home.

Rambunctious in puppyhood, the adult Saint dogs prefer to get their excersise carrying a load, hiking in the cool mountain air and gently drowning you with droll.

These dogs are quite active compared to the other lazy dog breeds, but are easy to take care of and are very low-maintenance.