10 serious side effects of Turmeric

Side Effect Of Turmeric

Turmeric is popular when it comes to adding to the authentic cuisine of different countries. It is popular because of its anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant benefits. Also, its healing and medicinal properties have made it one of the best spices to add to the curries.

However, taking turmeric in excess can cause harm. Although turmeric benefits for skin have grown its use in the beauty industry, turmeric side effects cannot get neglected. Even if it has specific health hazards, it is not among the foods that can kill you. 

Turmeric Powder
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How much turmeric can you take a day?

If you are worried about the turmeric side effect and cannot decide how much you can consume it, you can drink for about a teaspoon a day. If it gets taken in excess, it might result in various chemical reactions in the body.

Below here are the ten dangerous side effects of turmeric.

10 Side effects of Turmeric
Side Effects of Turmeric
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1. Deficiency of Iron

While turmeric consumption increases, it might inhibit the iron absorption in the body. At big times, it might also result in fatal for people who are suffering from iron deficiency. So, the people who are suffering from the lack of iron should take care of the amount that they consume.

2. May cause Diarrhoea and Nausea

A substance in turmeric, curcumin, irritates the gastrointestinal tract of the human body. Because of the irritation in the digestive tract, its supplementation can cause diarrhea and nausea.

According to several studies, the excess supply of it can also lead to vomiting. In some people, the low dose can cause nausea too. So, its side effects cannot get neglected.

3. Turmeric Might lead to infertility

You will be surprised to know about how this spice can lead to infertility. According to a study in mice, turmeric reduces the function of the sperm.

Hence, turmeric is an ideal contraceptive after that. It can lower the level of testosterone hormones and decrease the movement of sperm in men.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

If you consume turmeric with the medicines that help to reduce blood pressure, you are on the wrong track. Although lowering blood pressure might seem like an advantage, it is not. Consumption of turmeric can lead to lower blood pressure excessively.

5. Increases the risk of Kidney Stones

The intake of this spice in an excess way might result in kidney stones because of the oxalates present in it. Because the oxalates bind to the calcium and form insoluble calcium oxalate, it might cause kidney stones. Hence, the turmeric side effects cannot get neglected.

6. Cause Allergic reactions

Turmeric for Skin Whitening
Turmeric For Skin
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Although turmeric benefits of skin are enormous, there are certain disadvantages to the skin as well. The curcumin in it can cause allergic reactions in the body.

It might form a round rash. Moreover, a person who is allergic to ginger might be allergic to turmeric as well because they belong to the same group. Also, applying turmeric to the skin can make it yellow.

7. Upset Stomach – Side effects of  Turmeric

Because curcumin irritates the intestine, it could also lead to cramps. Most of the time, it might lead to severe abdominal pains as well.

It might also be a root cause of gastrointestinal problems when it gets cooked with curry. Also, the patients who have pancreatic cancer might have abdominal fullness when they take turmeric.

8. Risk during surgery

As it is well known for inhibiting the process of blood clotting, it might cause problems in medicine too. Doctors advise the patients going through surgery to limit its consumption before two weeks of their operation. Restrict use might protect the patient from the problems of blood clotting.

9. Increases Bleeding risk

Curcumin decreases the count of platelet and might increase the risk of bleeding. Daily consumption might also lead to the risk of excessive bleeding.

The blood gets thinner, and the medication might not work. Hence, turmeric side effects cannot be neglected if you are suffering from cut or wound.

10. Impact of Turmeric on Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women

Since the turmeric side effects are substantial, it is better to keep pregnant and to breastfeed women away from it. As it will pass through the milk to the breastfeeding infants, it might have resultant effects. Hence, it is better to keep the women away from it in these periods of their lives.