10 Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travel

10 Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travel

First and for most, every traveler should figure out how much money is needed for traveling. Determining the budget you should plan accordingly. So how can you plan for vacations? We recommended you to plan your holiday in a manageable manner so that you can save money.

Traveling is an outdoor activity. Well after traveling the world for five years here I am with you to share my experience. The following are some of the highly recommended tips to save money for your nearby world trip.

Saving Plans For Travel

Creating a plan

Without a plan, you can’t save money for the trip. You can set a goal by listing a saving plan’s details in notes.

Save money with your plan
Save money with your plan, MAdam Zozo

Moreover, your goals can be fulfilled by reducing unwanted expenses. Be strict on your budget.

Monitoring and reassessment

What you can do is every month save some money and check the budget for the trip. Moreover, your saving plans should meet your desired goal both in the short term and long term.


Once you have the overall cost for your trip, compile with a tally. Further, you should list your income and your general expenses so that the expenses of the trip

don’t bother you in the future.

Open Travelling Fund

Create a new account with your existing bank with the name “Travel” and save some money daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. Quit bad habits if you have any such as smoking and drinking so that you can save some cash for your next travel.

Managing Expenditures

Make a list of expenditures that you are going to spend. Also, you can list out in a google spreadsheet for your day to day expenses during the trip.

Managing Money for a Trip
Managing Money for a Trip, whereto360

What you can do is make a list of places and expenses. Eliminate unnecessary purchases during travel.

Spend Less on Food

When we travel everything seems to be expensive but one should organize his spreadsheet accordingly. You can definitely choose how much to spend on lunch.

Further, make sure you don’t spend more than $10 for your lunch. However, if you want a lavish dishes and cuisine in a 5 stars hotel than it’s up to you.

Quit smoking

This one’s a no-brainer. Quitting smoking will definitely save some money alongside will save our life too.

Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travel, Quitting smoking saves lots of money
Quitting smoking saves lots of money, Career Gappers

Smoking is very injurious so by cutting off smoke we can save up more than $2000 in a year.

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Don’t Go Gym

It might be inappropriate to say no to the gym. However, to visit some beautiful places one should save money for travel. Instead, you can do some cardio, catholic exercise in the park.

There are lots of ways to be healthy so don’t worry if you decided to cancel the gym membership. Watch the calories burned while running and at the same time going green on your bank account.

Neglect Spa

Skipping your comfort zone will help you a lot. However, luxury and relaxation feel so good. Massages, peels, and mani-pedis will cost you a serious amount of hard-earned cash. If you go spa four times a month then cut it to two.

Bonus tips for extra money

Your plan won’t come true until and unless you sort out your desire. Buying expensive electronic gadgets, organizing cocktails party, buying branded clothes every month won’t help you to save money. You can save for your trip if you often go partying every night with your friends.

Organize party at home

Instead of spending lots of money in the club and bar you can invite your friends to your house. Spending the quality time and also you can discuss for the trip.

If some of your friends want to join on a trip that would be more than awesome because traveling with friends saves lots of money. Also, you can be secure in many ways. For example, if you felt sick there will be a friend who can care and help.

Get fewer haircuts

It’s better to cut and color hair once in two months as opposed to once in a month which will obviously help you to save money for travel. Matter of fact, it will save 50% and cutting hair after two months won’t be bad at all. Acknowledging, the cost of hair care, over the course of a year this could really add up.

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