10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

If the sea is Earth’s feet, then Mount Everest is its head. That way, the height of the Earth measures 8848-m. Edmund Hillary’s triumph with Tenzing Norgay to the top of Mt Everest on May 29, 1953, was the first hint of the overflow seen now. Many have taken their feet to the peak already (Mount Everest Base Camp Trek), many trying to do so soon. The task is not only demanding but costly as well.


Why only to Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek?

10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

For the heavy expenses and the difficulty along the snowy trail to the summit, adventurers shorten their adventure to EBC.

The trek to the base camp may seem comparatively lenient. Saying so, Everest Base Camp trek doesn’t promise ease, however.

The trek is a ramble that takes your precious 8 to 10 days to reach a landscape concealing the joy of accomplishment.

Everest Base Camp has served many visitors in thousands an excuse to go to Nepal. That number is supposed to climb up this year as well with Nepal launching Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

The Everest Base Camp trek asks for a good health and a strong determination throughout. What else should a trekker consider?


1.Avoid Heavy Bags while on Everest Base Camp Trek

10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

For your comfort and the prevention of your body from strain, leave the other unnecessary goods in a city.

You won’t need to change much in the trek like you do the other days.

You may fancy a shower but you may not gather the courage to do so. So, carrying too much clothes won’t sound wise.

A light bag could help you propel through the steep, rocky paths with ease.


2. Make Sure You Are Well Enough to Go for Everest Base Camp Trek

10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Yes, you have a dream to get a glimpse of the Everest from the base camp. But, your health should be your first priority.

Some try to haste when they know they are not favored by health. That’s calling for more difficulties later in the trek.

Try to recover first before you head out. Even if you feel yourself well, seeing a doctor in Kathmandu or whichever city you are in would be a wise call.


3. Give Priority to Lightweight shoes on way to Everest Base Camp

10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Walking for 2 weeks up and down as the magnificent Everest looks is quite exciting.

The excitement could turn into a matter of worry if you choose heavy shoes.

Your feet are your vehicle. And for your vehicle’s facility, you are highly recommended to hand them over a pair of lightweight shoes.

Your shoes should also be water resistant with ankle support and better soles.

The combination would help you gain a pace without causing you to feel uncomfortable.


4. Take Your Time during the Trek

10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Some trekkers trying to cover more distance in short time invite difficulties in breathing. They do so in order to spend less day, thus, less money in the trek.

Some do it because they can’t wait to get there and elicit ecstasy out of them.

While this trek is a superlative experience, it’s worth relaxation and more time. Try to take it slow and you will enjoy it further.


5. If It’s Your First Time to Everest Base Camp, Hire A Guide

10 Mindful Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp tour ends at an altitude of 5365-m. For that fact, it’s not an ordinary trek.

If you haven’t been to an altitude as high as this before, you’d rather hire a guide. This could dismantle the possibilities of you facing difficulties in the trek.


6. Pre-book Your Accommodation

The EBC route has many places where you could find temporary shelter. But for your betterment, you may want to book accommodations for your trek before you head out.

Doing so, you could save time and head to your bed for rest directly after the long tiring walk.

You may turn unlucky as well if you postpone the booking for the day of the trek.

The people traffic heading to the Everest Base Camp could be too much sometimes.

This will force you to take whatever you get instead of what you want.


7. Stay Aware of The Weather Forecast on 

Considering the weather forecast before you start is always helpful. It will help you gather gears for the avoidance of possible problems.

There are many cases when trekkers dealt with excessive troubles as they were unaware of how weather would behave later.


8. Carry Remedies for Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness tend to bother most of trekkers as they go up the altitude. This may lead to severe health conditions if you fail to treat in time.

Some individuals have tendency to not face this case, however. Your bag must have some space for altitude sickness remedies just in case.


9. Carry Extra Socks

10 Mindful Tips for EBC Trek

Walking for 2 weeks in same shoes is okay. It can’t be implemented with socks though.

Socks will absorb the sweat and therefore may smell ridiculous. This might cause you to feel uneasy.

Having 2 extra pairs of socks would be beneficial. This may also come handy if your current socks get wet unfortunately.


10. Stay Hydrated Throughout The Trek

10 Mindful Tips for EBC Trek

Water is your best friend any time, anywhere.

Staying hydrated will avoid the risk of the altitude sickness. It will also help your health throughout the trek.

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