What are the Difficulties in a Long-Distance Friendship

What are the Difficulties in a Long Distance Friendship

As much as people talk about how hard it is to be in a long distance romantic relationship, they forget of one another important relationship, i.e. the long-distance friendship.

Who’s to say that it’s easy being friends with people that live thousands of miles away from you?

From little things like daily gossips to bigger things like hooking up with someone, friends are a treasure box filled with all of your secrets.

And once they move away from you, you miss it more than anything else in the world.

Long distance friendships are honestly purer and more beautiful than long-distance relationships.

The longing to have everything as normal as before is something that keeps it going.

And the realization that nothing has changed even after months or years have passed is purely magical.

Seriously though, long distance friendships are really hard and here are the difficulties for which it is hard.

Missing Out on Smaller Things.

Missing out on smaller things

Gossiping is the cornerstone of many strong friendships. Spilling out teas on smaller things in life is what makes a friendship stronger.

And when you’re together with your friends, it is what keeps the day going.

But the difficulty with a long distance friendship is how you miss out on the tiny little things.

For example, going to their houses uninvited and getting treated like a family member, texting things sitting in the same room, etc.

When you’re far away from each other, these are the things that make you long for your best friend to come back.

Constant Worry and Jealousy.

Time difference plays a major role while you’re in a long distance friendship.

While you’re sleeping your friend is out there wide awake doing things you’re supposed to do together.

And since you’re not there with them, they have other people to do it with.

So, there might arise a tension in your friendship. You both might constantly worry after not getting replies in time.

Or you might even get jealous of them for having other friends and seeing them do things they’d usually do with you.

Not Being Physically Present.

In a long-distance friendship, you miss out on being physically present to witness things happen to your friend.

The ability to meet up whenever possible, go on unplanned trips and have sleepovers is what you miss.

You also miss the opportunity of being physically present when someone asked your friend out on a date or their hearts got broken.

Missing Out on Making Memories.

Missing out on making memories

The best thing about friendship is the endless memories you both have.

The inside jokes, the funny moments while being somewhere, the face you made when you found out something, etc.

While you might be able to relive it while talking about it, being in a long distance friendship makes it hard to make memories.

You spend more time watching each other make memories on their social media than with you. This becomes utterly frustrating at times.

However, getting to meet after a long time makes it all worth it.

Fear of Losing them.

And the biggest and the worst difficulty you can face while in a long distance friendship is the fear of losing them.

Both of you get so caught up on life that it’s hard to keep up and keep track of each other.

You get busy with life that you forget what excites you anymore. You priorities start to change.

And before you realize it, you become so distant that you forget where you left off.

This is exactly how a lot of friendships are lost while on long distance.

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